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Saturday, April 9, 2011 Offers Struggling Homeowners Free Mortgage Payments if they Paint Their House with Giant Advertisement

This is crazy, but such a fantastic idea. I really feel bad for the neighbors, but if you're down and out, this is such an attractive alternative. really put together a great PR stunt with this one, kudos.

Free mortgage payments if you paint your house (

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CLEVELAND - Desperate times call for desperate measures. Many Americans are struggling to sell their home or pay their mortgage. Now, you can get your mortgage paid by drawing attention to your home with the paint job.

This is not referring to a normal paint job, but one that is a house-sized advertisement. Adzookie is a mobile advertising network, and they’re willing to pay your mortgage if you let them advertise their services on your home, including their social media contact information, like the paint job pictured at the top of this story as posted on Adzookie’s site. They’ll paint your home so it looks like a billboard, and as long as the advertisement stays you get your mortgage paid.

There aren’t many rules. You need to own your home, and it can’t be rented or leased. Plus, you need to commit to the ad for three months.

Painting is estimated to take 3-5 days. It can’t come cheap, either, as painting a home costs $3-5,000 at least -- and that doesn’t include fancy designs. That’s just to paint your home a simple solid color.

You have to keep it painted for three months, and your deal may get extended for up to a year. If you cancel after the three-month obligation or Adzookie cancels the deal, your home is re-painted. That’s another $3-5,000.

It’s obvious the company believes buzz this creates in a community will be worth the investment to paint a home. It might be worth the investment for you if you want your mortgage paid. It may not help sell your home, and may make buyers run but it will draw attention to your home.

Just understand that the entry form asks whether you or someone you know owns a business or website. This gets to the business model of Adzookie. I’m not sure what the right way is to answer that question. If you answer yes, you may get solicited for Adzookie’s mobile ads. If you answer no, you may not win.

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