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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun! 10 items known by their brand names

Another fun article from Ragan's PR Daily! I always loved to play this game, what products are actually known by their brand names? Like escalators, and a xerox. For the full list, click the link at the bottom for the entire article.
10 items known by their brand names
By Michael Sebastian | Posted: April 15, 2011

It’s the pinnacle of branding. Your brand’s name replaces the actual name of the product. Dare to dream.

Here are 10 companies that have reached this summit:

Dumpster. The actual name is front loader waste container or mobile garbage bin. The name dumpster was first used in 1936, by the Dempster Brothers, who patented this style of trash container one year later.


It’s called lip balm. You probably knew that, but did you know it was invented in the 1880s by a doctor and pharmacologist in Virginia? Dr. Charles Browne Fleet sold the rights to the lip balm for $5. Today, Pfizer owns the brand.


Hula Hoop. Humans have probably been using some form of the toy hoop—as it’s known generically—for centuries, maybe millennia. But the Hula Hoop came about in the 1950s, when Wham-O toy company introduced the plastic hoop we know today and trademarked the term Hula Hoop. You know, for kids.

Hula Hoop

Band-Aid. The adhesive bandage was invented in 1920 by Earle Dickinson, an employee of Johnson & Johnson. He created it because his wife frequently cut and burned herself while cooking. What a progressive guy.


Kleenex. Facial tissue is the generic name, and legend has it that the product was created by Kimberly-Clarke Corp. for use in gas masks during World War I. Kimberly-Clarke invented the facial tissue as it’s known today in 1924. Gesundheit.


Onesies. It’s called an infant body suit—sounds so ’80s—but the brand Onesies, owned by Gerber Chidrenswear, has become the common name for it. Awww.


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