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Thursday, April 7, 2011

KangaRent Featured on Sun Sentinel 'House Keys'

House Keys
Buying, selling, insuring your property

Brokerage asks homeowners to consider renting over selling


South Florida renters are having trouble finding a place as demand far exceeds supply.

So KangaRent, a Palm Beach Gardens-based brokerage, is making a plea for properties.

"One solution we see to the lacking inventory in South Florida is a call to homeowners who can't sell their current homes to rent (them) instead,” Damien Barr, chief executive of KangaRent, said in a statement. “If you have an empty home, we have your tenant.”

We wrote last year that people who have lost their homes in foreclosure are overwhelming the rental market. Even though home prices are low, other people who have never owned before aren’t about to start now because of the misery faced by existing homeowners who bought during the housing boom.

Barr goes on to say that being a landlord isn’t so bad because tenants “are of a high quality these days.”
“It's really a great option if you can't get the price you need on your home and an alternative to stressful short sale situations,” he said.

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