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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Will Never Be Groupon, Nor Anything Impressive, Ever Again.

In my line of business, I deal with a lot of vendors that have to do with advertising and marketing for my clients. One that I usually wind up dealing with, here and there, is AT&T and the Yellow Pages. This dinosaur of years passed is attempting to compete in a new digital age, and it's just plain sucking at it. They don't develop anything new, they just try and copy other companies' ideas. AT&T salespeople know the book is dying, so they're pushing hardcore for online ad spends, but their product is far inferior in my opinion than many viable channels that are out there.

AT&T Trying to Mimic Groupon
The day AT&T develops a new and exciting product or service themselves, instead of just trying to copy what everyone else is innovating to replace their home-run book of yesteryear, is the day they may see success once again.

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